Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daddy's Home!

I have a lot of catching up to do from the spring and summer, never mind what we've been up to this fall. My Kit Kat collection has grown extensivly and not only from Japan, but other countries as well. Kit Kats from Australia, Kit Kats and Kic Kers from South Korea (thanks Heather!) and The Philippines. I "did inventory" shortly before Bob came home from sea and have over 110 flavors including Wasabi...and they're green! I'll start posting those soon, but for now I wanted to post one of my favorite moments from 2009.

This is from the USS George Washington's homecoming on September 3rd. They were in port for about a month before leaving again; they returned home the week of Thanksgiving.


Emerson Clan said...

I just left a comment on your Kit Kat Kount post but am not sure if you will see it there. I just found V8 style Kit Kats @ a Family Mart in Kanazawa off of 16. I see that we both live in Zushi and since I bought 2 packs and you are collecting flavors I would be more than happy to pass on one pack to you. Let me know. carolandbrad@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

My husband is going to the GW this spring. I have enjoyed popping in and reading your blog.

Carrie Stuart said...

I just found your blog via "blog hopping." I'm sick in bed with the flu and desperate to pass the time, so I've been doing a lot of clicking!

We are in Okinawa and are really enjoying the experience. It's our first time overseas.

I look forward to checking back in with you from time to time.

Happy New Year!

Port Douglas hotels said...

A wasabi KitKat, I wonder what the taste of it. My father is in Japan for 2 years and he will be coming home next month.

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Seems really heartbreaking when you see someone that you love leaving....It is really wonderful and amazing if you learn that the person you love is coming home...for good.