Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grinder Shaped Bento Boxes, R2-D2 Soy Sauce Holders & Robster Curry

I'm from Connecticut and we call them grinders! I also heard them referred to as hoagies or subs. We went shopping with Julie in Yokohama and came across the neatest store! I'm not sure if it was an import store or not; they had products from the United States, but lots from Japan as well. Needless to say there were a quite few things that stood out! Lots of pictures below.

Lazy Store: Genuine American Goodies - wow, is this what they really think of us?!
I spotted this café; my mom's name is Nina.

The grinder and burger bento box. I bought the space shuttle one.

Enjoying my "robster" curry, and that's Landmark Tower in Yokohama covered by clouds.

The girls love Indian food. I hadn't had it until we moved here!

They hallowed out Texas French Toast and made it into an ice cream sundae. They call it "Honey syrup toast with ice cream." I'll be going back there when Bob comes home. We walked by someone eating it, and there's no way one person could eat it alone. The Japanese wear masks all the time, we found some funny ones, though I've never seen these being worn on the train!

They stick a camera in your ear and clean it out while you watch on a monitor. I didn't want to be too rude and take a picture of the inside of the place...but there were TVs in front of the chairs. These are key chains, the top is like opening a package, and the bottom is just like popping bubble wrap.

If you have a friend who happens to be a fan of "Star Wars," you can get them a handy R2-D2 soy sauce holder or pepper shaker. These were adorable even though I'm not a fan of dressing up your pet. They're little yukatas for dogs.


Terri said...

Yes, Katie...they are grinders!!!

Jamie said...

How fun! Was the store in Queen's Square? We were there last week, but didn't see the Lazy Store. Will have to go back and check that out!

Katie said...

Terri, when I went to Annapolis to visit Bob one time I ordered a meatball grinder. The girl behind the counter looked at me like I had just stepped off the crazy train! It was then that I found out things do not have the same name in other parts of the country!

Jamie, it was in World Porters. I have no idea about the name or exact location though!

Aloha! said...

I have a new wishlist!! I need a R2D2 salt or pepper shaker and someone else and I need the spaceshuttle bento box!! :) Too cute!

jaydeejapan said...

Ooh, you saw the Lazy Store, too. I have a picture of it in my blog, too. I was with a friend and I commented that they must think Americans are lazy. A man from Africa (his accent sounded Nigerian) was walking by, and he started laughing when he heard what I said.

Katie said...

JayDee, that was the first thing that went through my mind!