Monday, July 6, 2009

Things that Remind Me I Live in Japan

Here's a sampling of pictures I've taken over the last couple of's the little things like these that make me smile, laugh, and sometimes wonder "What the heck are they thinking?!"

I prefer plain cheese pizza and I'm willing to try new things, but asparagus and pepper? We've all seen the info-mercials for ProActiv, but look at this ProActiv vending machine! It still doesn't beat my favorite Liquor Shop vending machine. Click here to see that!

Decisions, decisions....tuna pizza, German trio or Wafu pizza?

It's not just a big bowl of ramen, it's UFO BIG! Do you think men can/will eat this SHEs yogurt?

That's a jar of baby food...rice, fish and seaweed. Did you notice the ages it's appropriate for? 0-100. I don't like Oreos, but look, it's a banana Oreo bar!

This sign was hanging in the train. Who knew McDonalds sold hot dogs? And this is a sign we always see after leaving a construction zone. We've been here for 15 1/2 months and I still love the bowing! It's on signs everywhere and I always smile whenever I see it.


Anonymous said...

Was the price of the Proactive the same, less or more than on TV?

Very cool things you find. Thanks for posting them. I'll never go to Japan, but feel like I'm seeing it from you.


april said...

ooo ive seen that same proactive vending machine in a mall in san diego :)

Jenny said...

Delurking to say I love the bowing sign! And the Proactiv machine is here in the States -- I saw one at the mall in Georgetown (Washington, DC).

D said...

I'm daniela @ lingofranko. Thanks for coming by my blog.
I saw the Proactive vending machine too!! I couldnt believe it. we get hour long infomercials of that stuff in australia. I dont have achne but nearly got me summa that stuff just becazuse it was vendable! what an odd and wonderful place this country is, ne? good luck with you life here!