Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Super Typhoon Melor Will be Here Tomorrow Morning

School's been canceled and since we could very easily lose power I made a huge pot of chicken soup this afternoon and put it in my slow cooker. I'll keep it on low all night so in case we lose power tomorrow it'll at least stay warm. I bought some paint for the girls that way they'll be occupied and I'll be happy too! All of the candles and flashlights are on the kitchen counter and ready to go and batteries are charged for the radio. I've even got a book and magazines set aside for myself!

My Ombudsman sent an email out a little while ago, and I'll copy and paste some of the highlights below. Hopefully it sounds worse than it is. I think my mind would be more at ease if Bob were here, but I'm not the only one without a husband home to help, so at least I'm not alone! The ships are out there trying to avoid the storm and getting banged up against the pier. I've done what I can in preparation, so now we'll sit back and watch/listen for updates.
This website, if you're interested, explains the different TCCOR conditions. Right now (7:15 pm Wednesday) we're at TCCOR 2.

Expected TCCOR announcements:
- TCCOR 1 at 2200 Wednesday night
- TCCOR 1 Caution at 0300 Thursday morning
- TCCOR 1 Emergency at 1000 Thursday morning
- TCCOR Recovery at 1400 Thursday afternoon
- TCCOR All Clear at 1600
These times are approximates. Please keep an eye on Channel 15 and the CFAY website for updated information.

- As of 2200 Wednesday night, only official and emergency personal are allowed on the roads until the All Clear on Thursday.

- Please stay inside from 2200 Wednesday night until the All Clear on Thursday.. Although it looks like the storm has passed, Security has to access all CFAY locations for down power lines and other destruction.

- The largest amounts of rain should occur between 1000 and 1400 Thursday. Overall, rainfall is expected to be between 2-4 inches.

- As noted previously, schools will be closed on Thursday. The Meteorology Command expects the storm to have passed Yokosuka by late Thursday afternoon, so school should resume on Friday.

- All base facilities will be closed on Thursday... CDCs, the Commissary, the NEX (all locations), the Galley, MWR, FFSC, Purdy gym, etc. Business should resume as normal on Friday. The Emergency Room at USNH Yokosuka will be available for emergencies only.

- All bus services will be suspended on Thursday. There will be no Home to Work buses, shuttles to Narita Airport, or base buses.

- If you have any valuables, please move them away from windows. Typhoon rains have been known to blow side-wise and cause rain indoors. Please have towels ready for such an occurrence.

I'll see you online after the storm!


Anonymous said...

Stay safe! It's amazing that you wives have to take care of everything since your husbands have to take the ships out to sea. Typhoons, cyclones and hurricanes are scary and I would hate to go through it, never mind with young children and without a husband.

Thank you to your husband for serving and for you and your daughters for the sacrifices you make.

Paul from CA

Jamie said...

Thanks for posting the weather map! I haven't seen one that gave the conditions in a "language" I understand--I still have no idea what a knot translates too.

newsjunkie said...

Stay safe! Hopefully the worst of it has passed you by now, or will shortly!

mandy_Reeves said...

be careful!!!! I hate hate hate hurricanes...what's the difference between hurricanes and typhoons.

Terri said...

Well, we weathered thru this one!
I had everything tied down from the 1st one that was coming thru, then Melor coming.
Katie...I'm thinking we need to get out of these storm paths!!

Anonymous said...

A hurricane is what it's called in the Atlantic and a typhoon in the Pacific on the west side of the International Date Line. In the Indian Ocean they're known as cyclones. They're all the same storm, just go by different names.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it through! Take care...great blog!