Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kit Kat Japan's Regional Flavors

-->Most of the Kit Kats I have are in small boxes or bags, but some are in larger boxes or even boxes that can be sent through the Japanese mail system. On my list I have them noted as “Regional” and this map explains it. Different areas of Japan have different flavors available. The map above shows which flavor is available when and where. I’ve been able to get my hands on some and plan on getting the rest before we leave Japan. I've been told Narita Airport in Tokyo sells about half of these flavors, but for me, it's the thrill of the hunt, so buying them at a place I know will have them takes the fun out of it! But, on the other hand, If I'm not able to get some of the regional flavors, I'll be buying them from Kit Kat Japan's website!


fancypants said...

Wow! I knew there were a lot of flavors for KitKats- but not THAT many! We are in Japan too. It looks like you have discovered quite a bit! I think I need to get out more! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Katie! It's CherryPinkCat from Babycenter. I still check your blog from time to've made such great memories for your family and a great read for those of us who enjoy travel blogs.

I was just reading about the Japanese Kit Kats on another site and there was a comment that the Japanese give the Kit Kats as good luck charms because Kit Kat sounds like Kitto Katsu ("I'll certainly win" in Japanese).

The Japanese are definitely a very interesting people.

Take care...always looking forward to your updates,


Anonymous said...

Well...I should have known that you knew the history of the popularity of the Kit Kat in Japan! I just went back to one of your first posts about them and I see that you explained all about the tradition of giving them as good luck charms.

Take care, Cherry

Anonymous said...

I think I first saw your site when I was on Babycenter somehow and loved reading it - plus we were stationed in Yokosuka until Dec 08(now we're in Bogota, Colombia). Anyway, I saw this on NPR and thought of you... I miss Japan and KitKats!!

Anonymous said...


Checking in....miss your blog posts...

Take care,


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