Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bob's 31st Birthday

Wow, he's 31....and to think we met when he was 17 and I had just turned 15! Keanna turned four on May 9th, and we made a cake for her...ahem, she did most of the work. To see the pictures of that go the Shutterfly album.

Anyway, so she was all excited to make "Daddy's Bright Cake" since she had such a great time making her pink one. Why did she call it "bright?" Because I told her how old he was and how many candles it would have on it, and therefore it would light up the whole house! I didn't mind making a cake, after all, it'd be a box mix anyway.

Over the weekend we were at the commissary and in the freezer section there it was, something I've been longing and yearning for for four years...since we moved to Hawaii. It's like the light shined down on that freezer case and lit it up. What on earth am I talking about? A CARVEL CAKE. That's right people, they are not available in Hawaii. Not only is there no store, but they aren't
even sold at the grocery stores...on or off base. I knew right then and there that Bob wasn't getting that Betty Crocker box cake, he was getting a Carvel cake. So when we headed to the base today to run some errands and pick him up, the girls and I ran into the commissary and picked up the cake. Keanna remembered the ice cream cake from Nana and Papa's house (my parents), since that's the only place she's had them.

I took a picture of it in the box to do it justice for my Hawaii friends, but especially Shari. When I was about ready to give birth to Keanna I had a craving for one of these cakes. She and I called all around the island looking for one...obviously we had no luck. I called Lisa and Ron, friends in CT. Lisa was considering mailing me one in dry ice. That's how badly I wanted this thing...either that or just how much I whined! So Shari and Lisa, this is for you two!!!


Madison said...

We're such idiots for overlooking Bob's birthday. Sry Bob! Happy birthday "old man of the sea". It's about time saomeone turned over 30! The carvel cakes rock!


Mary Shank said...

How funny about the Carvel cake. Cant find one in HI, but you can in Japan. I remember the Carvel incident and how upset you were. I still think of you when I see a Carvel cake.

Andrew-Josiah said...

Hey Katie! Tell Bob Happy Birthday from us! Hope you all are doing well!