Saturday, May 17, 2008


I was thinking today…a frightening thought! I know why military family members are called “dependents,” and it even says so on my military I.D. But I’m anything but…and don’t have a choice about it! Of course I rely on Bob for lots of things, but when he’s not around I can’t rely on him. At least now that he’s on a surface ship I can rely on email and a phone call; didn’t have much email on the submarines, and phone calls were only when they pulled into a port. Anyway, the last thing I am when he’s not around is dependent! I’ve got to pick up his slack along with my own, and I can’t complain, whine or question it. Of course I can to my friends, and we all take turns listening to each other, but if I walked in to PSD whining or complaining they’d ask for my POA then laugh in my face and kick me out!

I’ve got to be independent, it’s a given, and the Navy expects it. Whether for a few days, a couple of weeks or even six or eight months. Last year he was home about nine weeks, that’s it, nine weeks, and not all at one time either. In January he was home for eight days, and only two days in March! I didn’t have my best friend and companion, and the girls didn’t have their father. I did however have less laundry, the whole bed to myself and could leave the closet doors open so my side was exposed all the time.

So hats off to all of us Navy spouses, and all the other branches as well! We didn’t go to USNA or bootcamp; our husbands had the training! We are trained by him and other spouses that we see in action and can learn from. That’s why this is Admiral Katie and LT Bob’s household!!!


Shari said...

You speak the truth my friend! As for PSD - they wouldn't even let me sit with my member while doing travel out of Hawaii - which is why it got all screwed up! lol They use to, but not anymore.

You've become a great independant dependants LOL!!! I'm so proud of you! :) You are growing into a very well seasoned Navy wife!

newsjunkie said...

You go lady! (And all you other military spouses reading this, you're all awesome to me. I was inches away from having your job until my Marine decided he loved the Marine Corps more...) And you know I'm always here when you need to tape a label on a box, or figure out why you don't hear sound from the speakers that aren't hooked up to the computer! ;)

Susan said...

Mrs D you rock! Great post!

BTW my blog is super boring.I used to be clever, not so much anymore LOL!

Madison said...

Maa'm Yes Maa'm!

The Fromilles said...

haha... love it!