Monday, May 19, 2008

Saturday at the Park

We went to a store called Homes on was a combination of WalMart and Home Depot. On the way home we stopped at a park and the girls had a really good time. I have no idea what it's called, so don't even ask me!

Here’s a sign that was posted in the parking lot, and there was another one between the parking lot and the park itself. I think the second sign had the rules posted. I know one of them says the park closes at 6:15 and another says the parking lot closes at 5:15 on certain days....Friday being one of them. Bob and I were sitting drinking our drinks with Japanese labels from the vending machine and a man came in and said something in Japanese. Women started calling their kids and people were clearing out. We knew something was up, so I called the girls over to me and that’s when the man came over to us and said, “Car parking closed.” It sounded more like, “car parring crosed,” but we knew what he was saying.

As you can see, the girls have no problem fitting in, and the language barrier isn't too much of
an issue. They were building "towers" with other kids, and it was a collaborative effort. Then one of the dads there was running around with a group of kids and Keanna joined right in...again, no problems.

Bob and I were talking about how the girls don’t seem to have any idea where they are or what experiences they are getting. I think they do though. Keanna at random times will say, “Mom, we live in Japan?” I confirm it for her and explain that dad’s job brings us to different places. People will look different and talk differently than we do, and we have to respect that and be nice to them. Sydney on the other hand has no idea, and just follows or copies whatever Keanna does or say!


Shari said...

I wanna live in Japan!!!!! Glad the girls are adjusting and fitting right in! That's great.