Friday, September 12, 2008

Bubble Wrap!

Getting mail is fun, especially when there are no bills! Earlier this week I got a package from my friend, Shari. We "met" on a submarine wives message board when I was in college in 1999, and finally met in person in January 2004 while both of our husbands were stationed in Hawaii. Anyway, I submitted an order with a few weeks ago, and since one thing was oversized they wouldn't ship it to my FPO address. Shari offered for me to send it to her house and then she'd forward it to me, so that's what I opted to do. The box arrived with a ton of bubble wrap in it and the girls were so excited. They could care less about the other contents (where were also for them but are being set aside for Christmas), their focus was the bubble wrap. So Shari, this video from Keanna and Sydney is for you. Thank you for mailing the package out to me and for being so sweet to offer in the first place! For those of you subscribers reading this in your email, you'll need to go to the blog website to view the video. Click the link at the bottom of this email that says "You are subscribed to email updates from Pass the Chopsticks - U.S. Navy Family in Japan."


The Dudleys said...


I've been reading over your blog...your stories are great! Glad you and your family are enjoying your time here in Japan.

I just had to comment about the bubble wrap...hilarious! I have to share this too: For my sister's tenth birthday, she had a "special" (as she defined) present in mind--not a bike, not a doll, not make-up...but BUBBLE WRAP! Yep...that was her one and only request. :) So my parents bought her a nice huge roll of the stuff AND a 10-speed bicycle.

You can guess what she played with for the first five hours... ;)


Chas said...


Andrew-Josiah said...

I love it! the girls are adorable!

Shari said...

You're welcome Keanna and Sydney!
I MISS YOU and your mom!!!!

There's nothing like bubble wrap to bring on the fun for the day!

Chelleybean said...

lol, bubble wrap is fun