Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

As soon as we were given the all clear to leave our homes, we were out and about and on the train to Zushi! It's only one stop down from the train station outside our gate, and the girls and I love going down there. There are little shops, farmer's markets, a grocery store and two ¥100 stores. They have some neat stuff in them, and for the price (¥100 is about $1), you can't go wrong!

I talked to Julie this morning and both of us wanted to hunt down the new Kit Kat flavor, Caramel Macchiato McFlurry. I found a website that lists the upcoming flavors and release dates, so now we know what to keep an eye out for and when. Julie said, and I agree, that it's nice knowing, but the fun was going into different stores not knowing what we would find.

On our walk out of our housing area and to the train station, we noticed the stuff set up for Friendship Day was still out. It's an open base day that happens once in a while on the housing bases and the main base as well. It was supposed to be today (Saturday), but due to the weather was postponed until tomorrow. Then late yesterday afternoon it was announced that it was being cancelled on Sunday too. So anyway, as we were walking up to the track we saw the tops of the tents and it looked like they were setting it back up for tomorrow, but as we got closer our jaws dropped!

After stopping in a couple of stores we accomplished our goal of finding Caramel Macchiato McFlurry Kit Kats! So another one added to my list! We found Kit Kat ice cream cones as well, or as the label says, "Cone Ice."


Chas said...

something tells me friendship day will have to be postponed for awhile.....yikes!