Friday, September 5, 2008

Soccer Season Rolls In

Keanna had her first soccer practice Thursday night. It's called Start Smart and is for younger kids (three and four year-olds were allowed to sign up on base) to learn the basics of the sport. She'll have six practices, no games, and parents (ahem, I mean me) are required to be there each time. We lined up, parents on one side of the cones, kids on another, and kicked the ball back and forth. She learned how to throw the ball in from the sideline, and even dribbled the length of the field. Sydney wanted to play so badly, and the coach took notice. She let Sydney use one of the smaller balls and she participated a little bit. I made sure she stayed to the side and out of the way...I did my best anyway. She got right in there though and dribbled the length of the field behind the kids twice her age. When they were practicing kicking at the goal Sydney stood behind and would kick the balls out of the net. The two of them were playing outside and practicing this afternoon after school. Speaking of school, Keanna did great on her second day today, and my fears of her being scared and not wanting go to have been squashed!


Andrew-Josiah said...

the picture of her sitting on the ball makes her look professional. I could see her in 10 years doing the same thing!

Kelipso said...

Aw, fun! I'll be registering Conner for soccer today; I'm assuming its also Smart Start. Their season runs Oct-Dec though, so we've still got awhile! I'm super excited :)

newsjunkie said...

That's awesome--and your pictures are great!!