Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sydney's 3 Years Old

This kid celebrated her first and second birthdays in Hawaii and now her third in Japan. I almost feel bad that she was born in Connecticut! Keanna on the other hand was born in Hawaii, lucky duck! For the rest of her life she'll be writing her place of birth as "Honolulu, Hawaii." Poor Sydney will be writing "New London, Connecticut." Not that it's a bad place by any means, Bob and I were both born in New Britain, Connecticut, but when comparing it to where she's lived, it just sounds kind of blah!

Sydney wanted to make her own cake and of course it had to be pink. I supervised, Keanna helped and even cracked the eggs. They worked well together and took turns licking the frosting. She picked what she wanted for dinner that night, Club Takemiya, and we had cake when we got home. A few days ago we had a get together with some friends and the kids had a good time painting on their paper plates on the floor. Keanna and Sydney love that, and it keeps them entertained for an hour or more sometimes!


Terri said...

What a great job she did. Both of them!
Happy Birthday Sydney!