Friday, May 15, 2009

Pass The Chopsticks is One!

Wow the past year has flown by! I've heard it called "Blogversary" too, but Pass the Chopsticks is one year old. It was on May 15, 2008 that Pass the Chopsticks was created. I've tried to keep it funny, lighthearted and educational...and so far, so least to me! I look forward to eventually having this made into a book, so it will become my journal/diary/memoirs of our time here.

I can't believe how much we've accomplished, seen, visited and learned about during the last year, and feel lucky that you've been able to share it with us as it happens. From awesome Japanese toilets and bathrooms, vending machines that sell beer, bouncy clouds at Showa Kinen Park, getting into a car accident out in town to keeping up with my growing Kit Kat's been a fun year!

So thank you to the loyal readers, 95 public Followers, 157 subscribers...whether you're subscribed via email, Google Feedfetcher, Bloglines or something else. I truly appreciate your comments and feedback and always look forward to them.


Alisa said...

Happy Bloggaversary!!!!
You really have seen/done a lot... and looks like your having a great time while doing it. :)
Your blog was one of the 1st when we were on our way to Japan, and i Really enjoy'd reading it when we were moving, and even now that we're here!
Keep up the Great blogging!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I love reading your blog, and I'm still new and haven't read it all but it really makes me want to visit and find some of the crazy things you do.