Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Earth Moved

Got your attention, right?! Bob's not even here...he's in the middle of the Pacific somewhere. We just had an earthquake about 25 minutes ago. I was on the phone with Bob actually (I'm telling you, surface ships are so great for communication!) and told him I thought I was having a dizzy spell. Right after I said that, my friend sent me an instant message asking if I was feeling the earthquake. That's right, present tense. It lasted for a decent amount of time, and it felt like I was on a boat with rough (well not bad) seas. The girls slept through it, and had I been sleeping, it probably would have woken me up.

Nothing shook on the walls since it was only a 3.0 in our area, but further north it registered as 6.8. The Japanese Meteorological Agency posts the info right away. I've posted two maps, and the map to the right we're located on the smallest peninsula that's light blue, and the body of water northeast of us is Tokyo Bay. The larger peninsula on the other side of the bay is Chiba. You can go to this website and get a more detailed description of which area registered higher on the Richter Scale. FYI, we're in Kanagawa.