Thursday, July 24, 2008

Give Me A Break- Break Me Off A Piece of that Watermelon Kit Kat Bar!

Got these at 7-11 on Tuesday...for you local readers it's the store at the intersection of route 24 near Ikego, not the one by Jinmuji Station. Though I'm anxious to take a walk over there and see if they have any others in. I bought the banana ones there a month or two ago. Pretty neat, huh?

I bought a few bags of watermelon, and there are individually wrapped packages in the bag. I finally broke down and opened up a bag this afternoon. Keanna and Sydney love them, and I wasn't sure what to think...and was afraid to even try them. I took a bite of the corner on Keanna's, and it tasted good. A little bit of chocolate and a little bit of watermelon. It was almost as if the flavors were separate of each other, but complimented each other. From the outside it looks like a regular one, but there's a sweet smell to them, but not really a watermelon smell.


WeidnerWorld said...

Maybe a hint of Bubbleyum's watermelon gum. Blech!