Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eye Spy

Shari started this new blog all about pictures. Well, it's actually a small group of us, all scrapbookers and submarine wives. Every week she posts a new challenge, and our deadline is Tuesday night (Wednesday morning for me). Our first "assignment" was to take a picture of ourselves, but the catch was that it had to be a picture of a reflection. So check it out! There's a small group of us right now, and all of us are submarine wives. I submitted a picture I took in May. Bob was driving so I was snapping away. Keanna was holding her bear out the window so he could see, so I snapped the picture. Then I zoomed out a little bit and snapped one of myself...but you can still see the bear in the background; I love it!

So be sure to
check out the blog, and feel free to join us! Doh! Just got an email about our second challenge.

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