Friday, July 18, 2008

Sexy Rexy

All I could do was laugh when I saw this picture. Rex emailed it to me along with this text in the email: Apparently today some Australian women took a liking to me and put up 3 signs for me. Somebody captured one of the signs. I am popular around the world I guess. You will see my name if you zoom in to the sign that they are holding up.

As you know (or would if you've been reading my blog recently),
RIMPAC is going on right now in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. It's a Naval exercise involving lots of different countries, and apparently Rex's ship was close to a Royal Australian Navy ship.

Now as for his name, the sign addresses him by his last name, but I blurred it out since it's being posted on the internet and being viewed by complete strangers. The sign reads, " **** MY FRIEND WANTS TO MEET."

When I talked to
Susan, Rex's wife, I asked her how they could know his last name. She asked Rex the same question, and he told her they've got super-powered (or whatever the correct term is) binoculars; one of them is set up behind the second girl from the left. So there ya have it!

Glad to see Rex is doing his part to continue on with the United States and Australian alliance!


Kelipso said...

Oh my gosh, that's SO funny!!

Aloha! said...

LOL, he is pretty cute, if I do say so myself!!