Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Adult Cocoa Kit Kats

No, not "Fifty Shades of Gray" Kit Kats! Not adult as in adult. In one of my recent posts I talked about Kit Kats being marketed for exams and students. Well to balance that out and remind adults they haven't outgrown them, Kit Kat/Nestle Japan has one just for us. The word "cocoa" is on the front of the box and I asked the cashier exactly what it meant...she said it's dark chocolate. I think they tasted like a cup of hot chocolate, but wouldn't consider them dark chocolate compared to what the average American palette is used to.


Anonymous said...

They're 「オトナの甘さ」("Adult sweetness level"). So they're not as sweet.

Speaking of the Kit-Kat for students, have you seen the new Easter / new student Kit-Kats?


Because of a Japanese play-on-words, and the fact that Easter and back-to-school in Japan are both in April...this play-on-words works.

Katie said...

These tasted just like a cup of hot chocolate to me. Have you tried them? What did you think?

I love the Easter ones. They are white chocolate and very sweet… Two things I adore. I taste more Apple than carrot. I asked someone on the train what the label said and according to him it's "mixed with carrot."

I was not aware of the play on words, thanks!!!