Thursday, March 12, 2015

Yokosuka & Ikego Floor Plans with Dimensions

I had a very hard time finding interior pictures of houses and floor plans of Yokosuka and Ikego housing in 2008. Having lived here from 2008-2010 we knew what furniture to bring and what to store this time around. Below are what you'll find in Ikego and the tower layout is the same as the three bedroom tower on the main base of Yokosuka. You can click here to read my post about the Yokosuka Housing Office and how the process worked for us in January 2015.

Ikego three bedroom townhouse first floor

Ikego three bedroom townhouse second floor

Ikego three bedroom tower/high rise/apartment (nine floor buildings)

Ikego four bedroom townhouse first floor

Ikego four bedroom townhouse second floor


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I have looked all over for these and could not find any with actual dimensions. You should put them on Pinterest.

Katie said...

Glad they were helpful to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! We are PCSing to CFAY this fall and reading bits of your blog has put me at ease :) Do you happen to have the floorplans for the 2 bedroom tower apartments? If you could add those to this post, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Katie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better about moving here! There is a Facebook group called Yokosuka White Walls or Yokosuka White Walled you should consider joining. People post photos of their homes and someone there may have the floor plan for the two bedroom apartment.

make my house 1 said...

Glad that you have shared the floor plans for the Yokosuka. These home design ideas can be used by many of us for home improvements.

Sarah Martinez said...

I'm so glad you posted these!! My husband and I have been trying to decide what furniture of ours will fit, and this makes it so much easier. I was wondering, looking at the 3 bedroom townhouse where you walk in and it says front porch, is that a front porch? That sounds like a dumb question, but I was watching the housing videos posted on YouTube, and the guy doing the tours says there is a 10x12 room right there off the kitchen for a table?? Besides the living dining room. Also, I was wondering if all of the townhomes on Ikego have the same floor plans? Thank you so much for sharing! I keep telling my husband I want to start blogging to share what I know from different stations, after trying to research Yokosuka.

Sarah Martinez said...
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