Friday, March 6, 2015

Mini Message Pack Kit Kats

The Japanese pronouce Kit Kat as "kitto kattso" and it literally translates into "you will surely win." They’ve become popular to give to students at entrance exam time and that’s a huge campaign here; they're like a good luck charm. There is a marketing genius behind Nestle’s Kit Kats, no doubt about it!

They can be sent directly through the mail and even have "Kit Kat Mail" at post offices. We were running errands and stopped in to the Yokosuka Post Office last month. Right at the counter was a box and on it a space to write an address. No need to wrap or package them up, they're ready to go as you see to the right. 

I have only seen the large box at the post office, but the box I got, the Mini Exam Message Pack, has a spot to address and mail. On the back is a student with a singer, May J. It reads, "Dear Students (or examinees), everyone is supporting you." 

There are three mini sets per box and they each had a different message engraved into the chocolate. Each individual package has a spot on the back to write a note or message to the recipient. There are 15 different messages in all, but when I went back to the store the next day they were gone.