Sunday, June 1, 2008


The girls love riding in the car with the windows down. This afternoon while we were heading to the base for a picnic, Keanna asked me to put hers down when we were stopped at a red light. Sydney had fallen asleep already, otherwise she would have asked too. I put it down and immediately hear, "Konnichiwa." FYI, Konnichiwa means "hello/good afternoon" in Japanese. I turned over my left shoulder as soon as I heard her talk. She said that and was waving to a guy in the lane next to us! He got a kick out of it, rolled his window down, nodded his head, waved and said, "Konnichiwa" back to her. I made eye contact with him, bowed my head in return, waved, and commended Keanna for her good manners. I have to admit, that made my day, and I hope it made his day too.