Saturday, June 21, 2008

SCUBA Divin' Bob

I'm keeping you in the loop about what I'm doing with the kids, but ever wonder what he's been up to? Yes, he's sailing the high seas, but recently had a port call in Guam for a few days. A liberty port call at that...he's never had one of those before. The one they were supposed to have when he was on the submarine deployment last year was cancelled, but anyways...

He went diving with Deb who lives in Guam and gave him his diving certification last year. We know Deb and her husband from Kings Bay...met back in 2001. We've kept in touch through the years, and while the Navy took us to Hawaii, it brought them to Guam. They love it there, and that's great, because when Bob's in Guam he drives Ashley's car (now truck), and when Ashley was in Hawaii last spring and summer he drove Bob's car since Bob was away on deployment. As my mom always says, "One hand washes the other," and that's a perfect example of it.

Bob and Deb went diving and she took some pictures. Last year when Ashley bought her a camera for taking pictures under water he had it sent to our house in Hawaii to help pull off the surprise. Anyways, Deb took a few pictures of Bob, and this one's my favorite. The girls love seeing it as the wallpaper on my laptop too.

He met up with Terri and Bill too. They're friends of ours from Hawaii....Bill made Warrant Officer last year and I took pictures at the ceremony. They gave me a beautiful gold chain and gold pineapple charm as a thank you. Totally unnecessary, but boy is it pretty! Speaking of that, Courtney, I will burn you a CD and mail it to you. I haven't figured out how to zip them up yet.

They had Bob over for dinner, and apparently Bill made a great batch of crème brûlée after the BBQ dinner. When Bill was in Japan last month for about a week, we had him over for dinner one night. Bob made steaks and then Banana's Foster. The night before Bill and Terri left Hawaii for Guam we had them over and Bob made that for all of us. Holy cow it was so good. So maybe that'll be a new tradition for us? We have them over with bananas foster, and they have us for crème brûlée! Whatta ya think, guys?

So thanks Deb and Ashley for being so kind and accommodating, and to Terri and Bill too for feeding my husband one awesome meal, and for making him feel like a member of your family, if only for one evening!


Ron/Lisa said...

R U kidding me! Man am I jealous! Boomer, take advantage of every opportunity to dive! Luv the time for me, training a new pup...she's doing great but takes SO much time! Have fun.