Monday, June 2, 2008

Over or Under?

I promised to keep this blog light-hearted, and I think the subject of toilet paper proves it!

When Bob's gone I never have to worry about putting the toilet seat back down. Although I have to admit, he's good about putting it back down. All those years on the submarines trained him well. I remember walking through both subs he was on and seeing signs reminding the guys to put the seats down because if they make a sudden movement and the seat falls, it'll make noise thus making the sub easier to find. Sometimes he puts the lid down too, and waking up in the middle of the night and sitting on the lid is no fun. Although I suppose it could be worse, I could sit down with the seat up?!

I had to change the roll tonight, and every time I do I chuckle. Strange I know, but you'll see why in a just a second. We have 2 1/2 bathrooms in our house, and all three bathrooms have the same type of toilet paper holder. In case you're unsure how to change the roll, we have instructions. You'll notice they're in Japanese, so good thing I know how to do it!

I'm adamant that the paper come over, and he prefers it under. Well, I don't know if he actually prefers it to come from underneath or if he just does says that! Anytime he changes the roll he puts it his way knowing full well I'll change it. He won't change it back, and won't change it if I do the initial change, but man it bugs me! It bugs me and he knows it, so I'm willing to bet he could care less which way it's on there.

So how about you? Are you an over or under household?


Andrew-Josiah said...

We are an over family!

Kelipso said...

Oh, we're definitely fans of hanging it OVER.

Under is just so uncivilized!

Katie said...

My mother-in-law sent me an email in response to this entry and I wanted to share it here. I laughed so hard I snorted!

Robert John sounds just like his father. The funny thing is I always go over so Bob should have gotten used to that. If Jack changes the paper, he does it under(that's how his mother did it) then I change it to over. He, just to annoy me, sometimes changes it back to under & then I change it to over again. By that time he's tired of changing it so he leaves it alone until the new roll is needed.

Anonymous said...

I am very strongly an "over" to the point that I must admit changing rolls from under to over in public places and even must confess to occasionally making the change at people's homes.

Aunt Linda

newsjunkie said...

Over, but they say for families with small children it's better to do it under, because their natural tendency is to spin it in the "over" direction, so if it's under the whole roll won't unravel as they play. :)