Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shopping Field Trip

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!!

I'll get to our day in a second, but first wanted to share our new toy. I ordered a Joovy Ultra-light stroller a couple of weeks ago and it arrived yesterday. I had to assemble it, and it doesn't look that bad, but I got very frustrated very quickly. Bob normally does stuff like this, but obviously I don't have a choice! I called Shari in Virginia, and she read the instructions while I was attempting to put this thing together. Yes, I had the manual, but I just couldn't concentrate on reading and figuring out what went where. But anyways, thanks Shari for your patience with me last night!

We had such a good time today shopping at a new store. We went to a store called Jusco up in Yokohama (a few blocks from Costco) with our new friends, Julie and Noah. It was kind of like a mall and Jusco was the department store in there. The play area was amazing like you'll see, and our favorite part was the massage chair section! There really was only one massage chair, but the other gadgets were a hoot! The kids had a blast, and I did too. There was a store called White Rabbit that caters to pregnant women and kids. They sold "Engrish" shirts in there...shirts printed in English but with Japanese translation. I took pictures of some on the hangers and pictures of the ones I bought for the kids. You can see the rest of the pictures in my Shutterfly album. People wear stuff like this because it's in English, but they still have no idea what it means.

We found another Kit Kat flavor, Very Berry, and all different kinds of Pringles chips. Click on the pictures to enlarge them, and you'll get a more detailed view of the packaging. I have a few more pictures of the different kinds of Pringles in my Shutterfly album. Flavors we found include: Grilled Tomato, Winter Cheese Fondue, French Consumme, Itialian Pizza, Swiss Cheese Flavor, Spanish Salsa Pizza, Light Style Salsa and Keema Curry.

Julie has lived in Okinawa before, so she is a bit more familiar with the language. We ate lunch and it was nice being able to have someone sort-of translate the menu for me! As you'll see, the kids loved looking at the train display, and playing with the little video game. I looked to see if they had one for sale, but they didn't. Next time I go I'll be brave enough to ask...or at least point if the person working doesn't speak English. They had beetles for sale as pets too. I asked Julie if it was meant as food for a bigger animal, but nope, she said they're sold as pets. Maybe I can make a trade-off with Bob. I can get one of those $948 toilet seats with all the fancy amenities, and he can get a beetle pet.

Thanks so much to Julie and Noah for a fun day. Now we've gotta look into a baseball game!


Shari said...

The stuff in English makes no sense at all! lol

newsjunkie said...

I love the Engrish Web site! My friends and I will sit for hours laughing hysterically at the stuff on there.

I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't think those KitKat flavors sound in the least bit appetizing. :)

Jackie said...

LOL! Only a NAVY wife would call VIRGINIA from JAPAN to have someone read directions!!! That cracked me up!

Have you tasted all those Kit Kat flavors? I may have to send you some money and ask you to ship me some...the banana and the berry...and why don't we see them over here? Puzzling. I think I'd like some of the Pringle flavors, too. Weird.

Naptime is way too short. Gotta go...