Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunny Saturday

What a day today! The weather was beautiful for the first time in a few days, and it's supposed to be the only sunny day for the next few days. We have a very small back yard, probably about the size of the deck at my parents' house. Even though it's small, the girls have adapted and are certainly making the most of it.

Today we were outside playing with the water table and chalk, and as you can see, they had a good time. Keanna discovered that water and chalk is a great combination for making eggs. She rolled up the clumpy and soggy chalk and made about half dozen eggs to share with Sydney. She tried to convince me they needed a bed so that they could hatch, so we made a bed with tissues and left them to rest (and dry out) on the kitchen counter.

Before bed tonight she asked to check on them to see if they had hatched. Sure enough they hadn't, and they won't for a couple of days. I'll help them along, and on Monday the girls will see the "hatched eggs" and will hopefully be thrilled. Now I just have to figure out how to explain the baby birds flying from the kitchen and out of the house!

My friend Star came over tonight. We were going to order a pizza from the little restaurant on my housing base (she lives on the main base), and watch a movie. Around 5:30 she was talking about croissants and how she missed them from home. I told her about Costco having them on a big tray, and don't ya know it, 30 minutes later the girls were cleaned up and dressed and we were out the door! Star got her croissants, and guess what I got...the cornbread rolls!

If you read my entry from May 25th about Costco, you'll remember the crowd waiting for these rolls. Maybe the picture will remind you. Otherwise click above to read the post and be enlightened! Tonight I got a bag wondering if they'd live up to the obvious reputation.

Star wanted to open the bag in the parking garage, but I wouldn't let her until we got the picture. I think this is for Bob more than anyone else. I can picture him grinning, laughing and by now rolling his eyes. But look, Bob, I got a bag! They were good, darn good, and next time we go I'm going to have Bob wait in that crowd. He'll be taller than anyone else (I'm being completely serious), and should be able to get a bag of them quicker than I could. And my other find tonight...look, it's 100% Oran Juice! It's made by a Japanese company and just about everything on it/all the writing is in Japanese except for "Oran Juice" and on the top just under the blue writing it says "Red Oranges Juice."