Monday, October 13, 2008

A Japanese Scarecrow & Shakado Kiritoshi

While Keanna was in school on Friday we headed up to Jusco. I'm on the hunt for Japanese Christmas cards, and since the decorations are out at Costco already, I wanted to check a store that I heard has sold them [in the past]. No luck on the Christmas's still a bit early, I know. But on the first floor of the department store is a grocery store, and on one of the displays was a scarecrow...all decked out in the proper attire. I came across the dried fish that I bought back in September, only these were in really cute packaging.

On the way home we stopped at Family Mart which is just like a 7-11. I bought an onigiri, salmon of course, and a pumpkin pastry thing. When we were walking up to the register I snapped a couple of pictures. I wanted you to see what it looks like and how food is sold out in the open, and the different variety of onigiri. The pastry looked good from the packaging, but didn't taste so great. I was hoping for something sweet, or even something that tasted like pumpkin pie, but should have known better. The sweets and candy here aren't like what we're used to in the U.S.; they're not nearly as sweet. It tasted like mashed sweet potatoes without butter or brown sugar with some whipped cream on top.

After we got home we had a snack and headed towards Kamakura to a large tunnel, Shakado Kiritoshi (釈迦堂切通し), Julie heard about. I have never seen such narrow roads in my life! On the way back a car was coming towards us, and he was kind enough to back down a ways in order to let us pass. This was very beautiful and extremely difficult to get to! But it was so beautiful and I'm glad we ventured out to find it. Here's a picture of us so you can get an idea of the sheer size of it. Seeing in the pictures doesn't do it've really got to see it in person to appreciate the size and beauty of it.


Lauri said...

That's a cool shot of the food just out there in the convenience store. I see it all the time, but I never really thought about it.

Katie said...

Thanks, Lauri. I took it while my friend was looking for a map.