Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Been Going Non-Stop

Happy Birthday, Sandy!

We've had something every day over the last week and I'm exhausted. Wednesday after we saw the G.W. go we headed back to our housing area only to see people in suits and uniforms walking in. That's when it dawned on Julie, the train gate finally opened up! We headed over that way and didn't exactly take part in the festivities, but did hear a few speeches including one from the town's mayor, CFAY's CO Capt. Weed and a few others...and I'm sorry but I have no idea who they were. After the formalities and ribbon cuttings we all crossed the bridge. Julie snapped a picture of me and I was going for the "oh my goodness, this is so exciting" look! After that Sydney and I came home, cleaned house, played outside and headed back to the base to pick up the kids from school.

Thursday morning we went to the playgroup we go to each week and after that went to lunch at the restaurant on our housing base with a couple of other moms and their kids. We took our time eating and didn't leave there until almost 1 pm...it was nice to have adult conversation and the kids kept each other occupied and, for the most part, quiet. We came home only to have to leave 90 minutes later for Keanna's soccer practice. Julie and Noah came over for dinner, they left, kids got baths and were off to bed.

Friday Keanna went to school and I had a migraine, so I set Sydney up with breakfast and fell a
sleep on the couch listening to "Little Einsteins." Keanna got home around 1:45, I remedicated, fed the kids and laid back down on the couch until about 3 pm. I felt better so we took the train into town for dinner at our favorite restaurant with the octopus pizza.

Saturday morning we got up and to the base by 10 am to go to the bazaar they hold twice a year. We went for a walk outside the base and I took some pictures. The girls had fun on the little bench, it was perfect size for them. YOKOSUKA N
AVAL BASE, Japan — More than 100 vendors are scheduled to take part in the Yokosuka Bazaar this weekend at the Fleet Recreation Center. Vendors will offer furniture, carpets, antiques, jewelry and more from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Booths will be set up in the parking garage, first- and second-floor lobbies and fourth- floor gym. I didn't go to the one in the spring since it was held a few days after I moved into the house. But this time I really wanted to go and buy something. I told Bob I may buy a side table and magnet, but a few hours later I walked out purchasing a bench, step tansu, vintage obi and some goodies for stocking stuffers. We didn't get back home until after 3 pm. Sydney fell asleep in the car and I managed to keep her asleep and laid her down for a nap in the house. After dinner at the restaurant in our housing area it was bath and bed and we all got to bed early...

...because Julie was picking us up at 6:30 am Sunday morning. She was competing in a triathlon in Kawasaki and we came along for moral support, my navigational skills and the girls kept Noah occupied while she was doing her thing for a couple of hours. We managed to get there without much fuss. Her directions weren't very specific and we got off the Yoko Yoko toll road (highway) a little too early. We found a koban and fortunately she speaks and understands enough Japanese well enough to understand what the cops were telling her. We headed left, found highway B, went over a bridge, and at the point followed other cars that had bicycles in their cars! The kids had a great time playing and running in the grass and sand. We met a woman and her little girl cheering on her husband. They were very sweet, spoke a little English, and all of our kids got along great. We ate baozi for breakfast, and Keanna had two! Sydney had half of one but only because she had two bananas first. I took some pictures of the different booths, and I think my favorite was the American food booth selling burgers, hot dogs and fries. They even had an American flag to let the people know. After Julie finished she got her lunch (free for participants) and asked if I wanted to try the chicken balls. I looked and her and seriously thought she was talking about chicken testicles! Seeing as the ball was about the size of a golf ball, that had to be one well endowed chicken. At the same time my jaw dropped and I questioned her, I thought of the scene in "Funny Farm" when Chevy Chase's character beats the record for eating the most lamb fries, a.k.a. sheep testicles. Click that link and you can see the scene. Anyway, we got back home around 2 or 3 pm and yet again Sydney fell asleep in the car. I carried her inside and the three of us fell asleep until dinner.

Yesterday Keanna went to school and Sydney and I headed there at 10 am to do a tie dye project. Each kid at the school is getting their own shirt and tie dyed their own shirt with the help of five or six moms in each room. I have to be honest, it was so much fun, and Keanna's teachers are so sweet. They let Sydney participate in the activities and even gave her a chair and sat her next to Keanna. It was adorable and heartwarming (obviously it would be since it's my child), and now Sydney's convinced she's going to school and sitting next to Keanna every day. After almost three hours we headed home we played outside since it was gorgeous out. Around 3:30 I headed down to the mini mart parking lot because the furniture I bought Saturday was being delivered. Boy was that fun. It wouldn't fit in my car, so they offered me the NEX pickup truck. Let me explain that I opted not to pay the $55 delivery fee. I told Bob I'd buy a side table, and after spending over $1000 I didn't want to spend another penny! Myra and Katelyn were walking by the mini mart at the time, so she stayed with Keanna and Sydney (thanks again, Myra!) while I drove up to the house. I called Julie and she met me then we recruited my neighbor, Jen, to help too. The three of us carried it in the house and put it in the middle of the living room floor. I got back down to the parking lot and fortunately the bench fit in the back of my car with the 3rd row seat folded down. Julie helped me carry the bench inside, the kids had a blast popping the bubble sheets, then we went to her house to eat grilled cheese for dinner. She found a new snack, fried chicken flavored Cheetos. They tasted like chicken at first, but then the flavor changed to mashed potatoes with gravy. And believe it or not, they were really good! We hung out there for a little while, came home and went right to bed.

This morning we headed back into Keanna's school for more tie dying. We were there for three hours today! I wanted to go to the commissary, but was just drained....so I'll go tomorrow. We got home and played outside for a couple of hours. Came in, had dinner, Sydney fell asleep on the couch and in the mean time Keanna got a bath. Sydney woke up having a complete fit so I held her for a while. They both were asleep by 8:15 and since then I've been enjoying the quiet! I did get the step tansu put together and where I wanted it (for now) and put the bench under the window in the living room, but once Bob gets back we'll carry it up the stairs and put it in our bedroom.

Tomorrow is my day to drive to school then Sydney and I are going to Brenda's in the morning, from there a store out in town, the commissary and then picking up the kids.

So we've been busy. I didn't mention the breakdowns, temper tantrums, "Mommmmm, I want to play in the water...Mom, I'm thirsty...Mom I want sushi...Mom, put my window down I want to say 'Konnichiwa' to the lady," slips and falls, bloody elbows, falling off the bikes, and hitting chins on coffee tables. And you read that right, they request sushi!

Here are some pictures I've taken over the last few days...

Do you want to go to the "Bar Ber" for your next hair cut? And this is at McDonalds on base. You can have a melon, apple or lemon shot with your soda.

I laughed when I saw this sign. It looks like the construction worker is digging in the Japanese style toilets in the floor. Would you like park or repark your car?


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Thanks for the birthday wishes! And the e-card!!

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