Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Afternoon Out in 逗子市 (Zushi)

I want begin by saying I absolutely love living in Japan, and after our day yesterday it's really sunk in how sweet the people are here. We weren't thrilled about being told we were leaving Hawaii about a year ahead of schedule, but I'm telling you, I just adore the people, the culture and the food. It's a shame Bob has missed on out everything, but the kids and I are making the most of it even without him here.
Things have been quiet this past week. The weather has cooled off and has finally gotten under 95 degrees. Since it was in the high 70s I told the girls on Thursday that tomorrow we could take a ride on the train and walk around the center of town. They were so excited to take a train ride, so no matter what we did it didn't matter to them! I had talked to Myra a little bit before then and told her we were bored, the rain looked like it was going to hold out, and I had decided to go for a walk around Zushi Ginza. She was happy to tag along, so off we went. I took some pictures too, and to see them click here and you'll be brought to my Shutterfly album. I have descriptions under just about all of them too, so you'll have an idea of what you're looking at!
We had been to this area before on the walking tour of Zushi we took back in June, so we had a pretty good idea of where to go and how to get there too. We walked around, shopped and ate dinner out too. I hadn't planned on being gone for nearly six hours, but we were really enjoying ourselves and decided to eat at the little Hawaiian restaurant we had heard so much about.
First we went to a 7-11 and got some Kit Kats Myra hadn't gotten yet, after that we went to the grocery store then to a 100 yen store (just like a $1 store in the U.S.), and after that we stopped at a farmer's market. Then we found a little clothing store that had an awesome sale going on. I bought a few t-shirts for the girls...and only because they were Engrish. Myra and I were laughing hysterically at some of them, and of course I took pictures.

While we were looking at the racks just outside the store, a woman walked out and started patting Keanna on the head and trying to make her laugh and make faces. She was showing her the charms on her cell phone. There were at least five or six of them, and I can't imagine how heavy and uncomfortable they must make the phone! Suddenly she started taking one off and gave it to Keanna! We were shocked and taken aback by how sweet and thoughtful it was. Keanna was thrilled to say the least, and poor Sydney was sitting in the stroller facing the other direction eating her haichu candy. After she saw how appreciative we were and how happy Keanna was, she took another one off and gave it to Katelyn. Completely unnecessary, but so nice. We bowed and thanked her, Keanna gave her a hug, then she was off on her little scooter.
We went to eat at the little Hawaiian place around the corner from where we were, and thankfully there was English in the menu. They didn't have the wax food on the outside and they didn't have pictures in the menu either. Anyway, they serving dinner yet, but we were able to have a choice of a few things off the menu. The girls were so excited to have watermelon, a cherry and flower in their apple juice, and as tempting as it was to get a nice domestic Japanese beer, I opted for a Coke. Myra went with the safe bet of basil and tomato pizza, and I went out on a limb with devilfish and avocado pizza. I figured it would have raw fish on it and slices of avocado. Nope, turns out devilfish is octopus! I think the reaction on my face was priceless and terrifying, because I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! I gave it a try though, and boy was it delicious! It also completes my task for something round for Shari's weekly photo challenge. Almost forgot! See the little pin I'm wearing? It's actually a submarine. I've bought them over the years at the Dolphin Store on the various sub bases Bob's been stationed at, but I wanted some more. Since we're not on a submarine base, there's no Dolphin Store here. Some friends offered to get them for me, but I decided to ordered them online...and they arrived Friday! I couldn't help but put one on in the parking lot of the post office. They're so cute, and FYI, she ships USPS...only took a few days to get here from Hawaii!
As we were leaving the two girls working were so helpful. One got the stroller set up for me and the other picked Sydney up and put her in there. As we were walking across the street they stood outside waving goodbye and even bowed! And as we were leaving, the guys working behind the counter bowed and said "Arigato" to us a few times. While we were waiting to cross the street Keanna yelled, "See ya" to them and Sydney immediately followed. The girls yelled back, "Sayonara," and Keanna, Sydney and Katelyn all did the same.
As for our finds yesterday....we had lots! Myra introduced us to haichu candy, and now Keanna and Sydney can't get enough of it. We've had grape, apple, strawberry and kiwi, but yesterday we found mango and lychee! As for Pringles, French Consommé and Smoky Salami have been added to the collection. A few days ago Julie got me milk flavored Kit Kats, and yesterday I found brown sugar Kit Kats. I've updated my list too.


Ethan & Alisa said...

Freshness Burger is sooooooooo good! Did you go?
It was one of our favorite places to eat in the Ginza in Sasebo! ;)

Hello Snyders said...

I took the walking tour, but I don't remember a Hawaiian restaurant.
I am always looking for another adventure in Zushi City and beyond. We might be inspired for today.

Hello Snyders said...

I was looking through your pics. I saw you bought a bitter melon (that bumpy cucumber thing) I have one in my fridge too. I meant to use the first recipe in this list.

Joe and Samantha said...

The Kit Kats look yummy.
Do they taste the same?