Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning

Yesterday I wrote about Kentucky Fried Chicken being very popular here at Christmas time. Well, not just KFC, but fried chicken in general. On Christmas Eve I went to the main base to help out with a single sailor thing, and since I was out (and alone) I stopped at 7-11. Right outside there was a girl selling fried chicken and Christmas cakes. How could I resist? Well, I resisted the fried chicken but the cake...yeah, not so much! You can see the chicken on the left and the cakes on the right. I opted for the Lilo & Stitch cake in the red box, not Pokémon in yellow.

After I got home the cake went in the fridge, we made reindeer food. Our neighbors in Hawaii made it and the girls remembered and asked to do it this year. We got Quaker Oats in the canister and some ice cream toppings and mixed it all up. The girls stirred it all up in a big bowl and we threw it in the grass outside. After that we came inside and started tracking Santa on Norad's website. Bob hooked my computer to the TV so we were all able to see it. The girls were so excited and it was so nice to see the expressions on their faces.

Christmas morning the girls were up at 7 am and laid in bed with us for about 20 minutes before asking to go downstairs. They were so excited to see that Santa had eaten the pizzelle cookies we made and drank most of the milk. We opened gifts then got started on cooking for our company...Julie and family. Bob kept his snowman pajama pants on all day and I threw on a pair of pj pants too, and we kept it casual and fun. He did an excellent job on the ham and I'm so glad we have leftovers! He didn't make the salsa part of the recipe but did throw mango in there. I helped prep everything and did one side dish while he took care of everything else. I also cleaned up after him, and managed to do dishes as he was cooking, so there wasn't much to clean up after we ate.

After dinner it was time for dessert...time for the Lilo & Stitch cake from 7-11. One thing you need to know is 7-11 here isn't exactly like ones in the United States. I suppose they are similar, but so many things differ. Anyway, so I pulled the cake out of the fridge and then assembled it. It was chocolate so I didn't have any of it, but the kids loved it...oh yeah, and Bob too. When I bought it I got the big box with the cake, a can of potato chips, a small bottle of Pepsi, another of iced tea and then a small box with the cake on it. Everything was in Japanese so I wasn't sure what it was, but once we got everything out of the box it wasn't tough to figure it out. The small box had the decorations for the cake, and all but the palm trees were white chocolate.



Dollars to Yen said...

Wow! You're going from 0 to 60 blogs now! Welcome back.

Jackie said...



I wonder how many times a day we hear that....?! And it cracked me up that when you said "What" she didn't have anything to say...Jacob does that to me aaalll the time!