Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Four Okonomiyaki, Three Sushi Rolls, Two Flavored Kit Kats & a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Christmas is a huge holiday in the United's become so commercialized that stores decorate for the holiday before Thanksgiving! When we moved here the last week of March I wasn't sure what to expect when Christmas rolled around. After all, the majority of the Japanese are Buddhist or Shinto, not Christian. Well never fear, walking down the street, in the train station or even 7-11 the Christmas season is obvious. Even the vending machines are festive! For you local readers, this vending machine is at the Shin-Zushi station right on the platform. The first picture is from Julie. Thanks, Julie!

Fried chicken has become the traditional meal on Christmas in Japan. For the last month of so I've seen signs advertising for pre-orders. Tonight I stopped at 7-11 and sure enough there was fried chicken for sale outside and a tree next to the door. Christmas cakes were also for sale so I bought one of those for dessert for tomorrow.

So here are a few pictures I've taken in the last month...donuts, cotton candy, Christmas iced tea and even Costco Japan wishes us a Happy Christmas!

And lastly, here's a Kentucky Fried Chicken commerical for Christmas dinner!


Dollars to Yen said...

Love the commercial! That woman at the end with the chicken hanging out of her mouth... she's so glamorous!