Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Paper Making, Parrots on Our Heads and Waterfalls, Oh My...Again

We took another ITT trip to Nakatomi Washi Paper Village, Otodome Waterfall and Shiraito Waterfall and Kacho-en, the Begonia and Owl Park. We did it back in September and the girls and I had so much fun we decided to go back. This time we had Bob with us and my parents too! I'm not going to get into too much detail here, but will sum up our day.

Pictures from this trip are in my Shutterfly album if you're interested in seeing them. If you want to read more about it you can go to the post I wrote after our first trip.

First was the paper village and making paper to create a lampshade. A picture of our four completed lamps is below. After that we walked across the street to a grocery store, grabbed a snack and waited for our lamp shades to be done while others walked around the grounds and did some shopping. After that we stopped for lunch, and where we stopped had an absultely incredible view of a snow topped Mt. Fuji. Next was the Begonia and Owl Park, and again this was our favorite stop. For ¥100 (about $1) we bought a little cup filled with chopped apple for the birds to eat. As you'll see from the pictures and videos the birds loved it! Sydney had one fly and land on her arm last time, so this time she knew she didn't even want to hold a cup. Both Bob and my father were pooped on too, but Bob on his jacket and my dad on his shirt. The waterfalls was our last stop. The first was Otodome Waterfall. It reminded me
of one we saw on Kauai. To get to the second one, Shiraito Waterfall, we had to go down 100 steps. It's an easy walk though and the kids did fine too. I slowed the shutter speed on my camera and got some beautiful pictures of the waterfalls. I was so happy I finally figured out how to do it.

We had a fun day together and my parents were able to bring home a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Below is a picture of the lamps we made; from left to right: Bob's, mine, dad and mom's. Bob's says "3 HOURS" and has a bus on it because that's how long it took to get up there. And another picture of the waterfalls since I'm so happy with how they all came out.



Anonymous said...

Just looked at the pictures and video's, brought it all back and we really had a great time! Great pictures and memories. Thanks for a wonderful time! Love mom and dad

AllBlueZoo said...

hmmm...I bet I can tell you which lamp is your dad's without even reading the picture caption! :) I <3 your dad!!! Looks like y'all had a great time during their visit, sure hope we can hop a flight over before we leave the rock.