Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Japanese Christmas Cards

Or Kurisumasu kado in Japanese.

I have been on the hunt for these for months! I asked on a message board if anyone had seen them and one person responded with what I wanted to hear...she was even nice enough to take me to the store a few weeks ago! I was tempted to post pictures of them back then, but wanted to wait until December when it was closer to Christmas. Thanks Mel...I still can't believe I bought 100 of them!!!

For you local readers, the store's on Blue Street in/around Mikasa Mall. Walk out Womble Gate and head towards Mikasa Mall. The sidewalk will fork and to the right is McDonalds. You can go through the tunnel or stick left and stay outside the tunnel. As soon as the tunnel ends there's a coffee shop and next to that is the store. It has a large glass window in front and right now it's decorated with window clings in the shape of a wreath. Each card is ¥210 and the 3-D ones cost a little more. I took pictures of them inside, then Julie suggested I do it outside in the natural light...they came out much better that way! She bought some cards too, and some of hers are different than mine.

I bought these 3-D cards too; not to mail but to use as decorations. They're sitting on the tonsu right now in the living room and are so pretty in person!

The cards are:
#1. Two Geisha walking in the
Gion area of Kyoto.
Kinkaku-ji, Golden Pavilion Temple in Kyoto.
#3. I have no idea, and if you do know please post a comment with the name!
The Great Buddha of Kamakura (Daibutsu in Japanese). This was where we took our AOB/ICR fieldtrip to. And yes, you can go inside it, and no, it doesn't smell too bad.
Shinkansen (The Bullet Train) passing by Fujisan (Mt. Fuji).


Dollars to Yen said...

Love your cards! Were we even shopping in the same store?

Ethan & Alisa said...

It's sooo funny you blogged about this ... this exact store! I was about to as well! haha
I love that store, and went today and spent more than i should on the 3-d pop out cards.

Awesome Directions to the store... btw... i am going to link you if thats on on my cardo blog... :)

Hello Snyders said...

I still can't believe this, I went out yesterday and bought these cards. I also went to Hakone last weekend.

April said...

Oh so beautiful! I love them! I think the first one is my favorite. :)

Chas said...

ohhh, so pretty!! i love them!