Saturday, December 27, 2008

Irrasshaimase Mayumi, Dave & Fiona

Bob's old roommate, Dave came by to visit along with his wife, Mayumi and their daughter, Fiona. Dave and Bob lived together in New York when they were at Prototype in 2000. They each went their separate ways but kept in touch a little bit over the years. Dave headed to Hawaii then Japan while Bob and I went to Kings Bay then Hawaii. They met up again in Groton, CT during SOAC (Submarine Officer Advanced Course) and again separated afterwards. Dave and Mayumi got married and went to Washington and we headed back to Hawaii.

They were here visiting Mayumi's family last week and we were able to see them again! Keanna and Sydney loved having a baby around and I loved being able to ask Mayumi all kinds of questions. She translated my farting wife book for me page by page, let me know that I had bought pudding that needed to be in the fridge not the freezer and told me what my bud vases said along with the door hanger I got for the bathroom and was kind enough to translate the websites for future release of Kit Kats.

As a thank you for translating my book and being so helpful I gave her a copy of her own...along with some Kit Kats! She hadn't seen or heard of a lot of the flavors so it was the least I could do. Bob kept reminding me that she's not a novelty act, but I couldn't help it!

So thank you Dave, Mayumi and Fiona for stopping by. We enjoyed seeing you guys, and the girls have finally stopped asking for a younger sibling!


Anonymous said...

Hey Katie! We enjoyed visiting you guys as much as I enjoyed translating all the stuff. Thanks for all your KitKats collections, some of them had come in handy for a snack on our flight back in Seattle! We're now visiting David's family in Philly. Fiona was still on Japan time but she is now adjusting Philadelphia time. =) Happy New Year! Mayumi