Sunday, December 28, 2008

Field Trip to Asakusa Kannon Temple in Tokyo

We took a field trip with my Japanese class to Asakusa Kannon Temple, or Sensojia in Tokyo. FYI, Asakusa sounds like "a-SOX-a." It was a lot of fun and so relaxing to go without the girls!

There's a street of vendors before the temple called Nakamise Shopping Arcade. They sold all kinds of things from fans and kokeshi dolls to candy and noise makers. While we were walking around students from a design school approached a couple of us to take a survey. Of course I took a picture of it, I couldn't resist! Read the questions and you'll understand why.

I took some video and will include it, and I have the rest of the pictures from our trip in my Shutterfly album. Be sure to check out the 60 or so photos.

In the first video the Ningyoyaki is being filled with bean paste. It's cookie sized but has a cake texture. I'll put a picture of it below, and yup, that's my hand. The second video is of a man doing some kind of stamping. His work was so beautiful but obviously very time consuming.



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