Sunday, August 10, 2008

As Rachel Ray Would Say, "Yumm-o!"

Lots of yummy things to write about. Bob's been home this past week, and we haven't done much at all. It's be nice and relaxing, that's for sure. He worked all week, and by the time he got home we would eat dinner, give the kids a bath and throw them in bed. We have gotten into our own routine since Bob's been gone since May, and even though it was tough sticking to it with him here, I tried my best. We ate around 5:30-6 pm and the girls were in bed by 7:30. We went for walks, ate dinner out two nights and played outside a lot, but otherwise we've been taking it easy. One of our nights out we went to Costco, and since the last time Bob was with us I brought my camera, I fought the urge this time. We did buy a nice tray of sushi, sesame mackerel and a bake-it-yourself pizza though. All three gave us a meal or two each, and all were delicious! Bob grilled the fish and topped them with lemon. The girls even indulged in the fish since they were so happy Bob was here to make it. Keanna even added, "Daddy, you're a good cooker."

I found strawberry Kit Kats on the way home from the base the other day. We met up with Bob over this lunch break to register our IDs at the gate, and on the way home we stopped at Family Mart (like a 7-11) to get an ice cream. Every time we are in a convenient store I check for a new flavor, and glad I did! I also found a kind that showed no hint of the flavor on the box. I grabbed a few though and tried one when we got home. Such a disappointment since it was regular flavor, but my guess is it's special packaging for the Olympics. The girls each got a pre-packaged ice cream cone and I got a pineapple ice cream sandwich. It had vanilla ice cream in it with a pineapple filling, then was wrapped in what looked like a hallow Belgian waffle.

Bob's been playing with the girls this afternoon and is getting ready to get his suitcases packed since he leaves tomorrow (our Monday).