Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun & Games

It's been a slow week with not a whole lot going on. I've been getting stuff done around the house, and it's about time too. Finally got pictures hung up on the walls, and in the hallway too leading to the front door. One side is cement, so a hammer and nail doesn't quite cut it. After meeting Myra for her birthday dinner over the weekend we went to the mini mart. She pointed out these hook things that are made for cement walls. The hooks are large, so I knew they wouldn't work hanging a few of my pictures, but for a couple that have a wire in back it worked like a charm! So thanks, Myra! It's finally starting to feel like a home, and it's really nice to have the pictures and clutter off the floor!

Julie's taking a class this week, so every evening we're watching Noah for a few hours. Keanna's really doing well with the Wii Fit, and she's got Noah hooked; Julie even gave a few games a shot...including yoga. (Hey Scott, I think you ought to look into a bigger TV and then a Wii!!!) He doesn't quite have it down yet, so she's guiding him along...literally! She holds his waist or shoulders to help him out. I took some picture of them doing the hula hoop, ski jump and soccer heading games together. You have to move from side to side and shift your weight to go between the flags. You'll also be able to see the pictures hung up around the TV. FYI, the nail on the outside edge of the picture frame is 14" from the corner and 17.5" from the ceiling. Not only did I measure, but I used the level since all six frames match. And the curtains are totally ghetto! The tracks and clips were here and on the ceiling when we arrived...they're like that in all the townhouses on Ikego (our housing base). Well I couldn't find any window dressings that would work and hang on them, so I took Brenda's idea. I attached a paperclip to the existing clip, then attached a little clip from the 100 yen store (16 of them for 100 yen which is about $1) and attached those to the top of the attaches similar to a clothes pin but is a clear circle about the size of a dime.

And speaking of the 100 yen store, remember that funky toilet paper holder we have in our bathrooms here? I posted pictures of it a couple of months ago, but to save you from going back to find it, here's the direct link to it. Last time the girls and I were there I found this Hello Kitty toilet paper cover and holder. The best part was the price, can't beat ¥100! I had to detach our holder from the wall, but it's only three screws so not bad at all. Then I poked holes in the fabric where the screws would go and reattached it to the wall. Only problem is it's a tight fit holding the spare roll below. Apparently our toilet paper rolls are much larger than Japanese toilet paper rolls! But I got it in the holder and will probably just leave it in there for show (it's in the downstairs half bath) from now on and get a spare roll out of the plastic wrapping!

Lastly, Dawn it was great instant messaging with you earlier today! I told you I had a package for the kids...and yeah, I told you that at the beginning of the summer, but I wanted to prove it to you. Here's a picture of the package. Tomorrow when we go to check the mail at the post office I'm going to bring it with me, fill out the customs form and get it the heck off my dryer! There are coloring books in there for the kids, and I'm still looking for notebooks for you that have the binding on the other side. The coloring books are like that, and I know you're left handed.
Almost forgot! We all know Hello Kitty originated in Japan as did Pokemon. A fellow submarine wife asked me if Pokémon and Naruto were as popular here as in the United States. Her son is a big fan of both and was curious. My guess is yes, but when I'm out shopping I'll take a picture of the displays. At the 100 yen store here in Zushi there was a huge Hello Kitty area...I'm pretty sure there was for Pokémon as well. FYI, that's the Japanese website for Pokémon, and I already used the translation option through Google. I haven't heard of Naruto, but will be on the lookout from now on.


Girl Japan said...

Hi! You have no idea how much I love our Wii! For exercise alone... I just love it.