Friday, August 29, 2008

Keanna Loves the Wii Fit

And she especially likes the table tilt game. I took a video of her today, and it's just over 8 minutes long. The first half she plays with Sydney cheering her on saying, "Go Keanna Beth go!" She does okay, even tells Sydney she's doing her best; then she decides to play again. During her second attempt she explains to Sydney how my name is Katie and dad's name is Bob. They call him dad, but I call him Bob. It's cute. If you watch it, at least watch the second half of it to listen to them talk and to see Keanna score her second highest ever...she was so proud of herself...that comes up around the 6 min 30 seconds mark. Shortly after she expresses her excitement, then explains her Engrish shirt, "Love. Happy soul of love myself." For those of you reading this in your email, you'll need to go to the blog website. Click the link at the bottom of this email that says "You are subscribed to email updates from Pass the Chopsticks - U.S. Navy Family in Japan."