Friday, August 15, 2008

Speaking of Kit Kats

Bob's in Korea for work, and today was a day off since it's Liberation Day (a.k.a. Victory Over Japan Day) there. With the official surrender of Japan to the Allied forces on August 15, 1945, the 35-year colonization of Korea by the Japanese came to an end. August 15, 1948 also marks the establishment of the Republic of Korea. He said a bunch of guys went out into Pusan to eat and shop.

When he got back to the communal barracks room (he described it as a boot camp style room for 40 people) we chatted on MSN Messenger and were even able to do a video conference. He showed me what he got for me, and guess what, Kit Kats! I updated my list of flavors to reflect what he got, Chocolatier Noir. While he was holding up both flavors I took a screen shot (hit "PRTSC" to do it) showing our conversation window and thought it'd be fun to post it here. The other flavor he got is regular, but in Korean wrapping. A minute or two afterward it was "lights out" so perfect timing.

On a side note, apparently having a Japanese IP address allows for different themes. I don't know what I have now since the names are in Kanji, but it's pretty and colorful...there are a lot more, one of which has koi fish swimming around!


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie:
Just wanted to share that I found Blueberry/Strawberry KitKats at a Lawson's (near Costco) today! I could really taste both flavors in it - although it's a bit on the sweet side (sweeter than most that is). Gaelin
(aka CherryBlossomKokeshi on BBC)