Friday, August 29, 2008

Shopping, Funny Shirts, Doctor Car and Wahaha!

A little bit to catch up on! Earlier this week we went back to Jusco with Julie and Noah. It's a department store and small shopping mall. I got some Engrish shirts, this time in adult size! The girls also got a toy that they love and keeps them entertained without arguments! The packaging and instructions were all in Japanese, so thankfully it has three buttons and takes three AA batteries. It plays a song and has no volume adjustment, but I'll live. We ate lunch out a little food court in the middle of the store. Sydney was being extra clingy, whiny and annoying, and she was really starting to get to me!

The ground floor of Jusco is a grocery store. There we found some goodies...and one thing I've never seen or heard of before. That chocolate, you read it right, that's salt chunks inside the chocolate. Nope, haven't tried it and don't plan on it either. Then basil and tomato Pringles, and the toy for the girls has a ferris wheel and train that are both motorized.

Julie was up in Tokyo during the week and brought back Tea Kit Kats and Oreo bars with macadamia nuts inside! I'm not exactly sure what kind it is and Julie wasn't sure either. I think the packaging looks like the tea that is served in Chinese restaurants. More to add to my Kit Kat collection, and I've already updated my Kit Kat list. Thanks Julie!

On Thursday Keanna's preschool on the main base had an orientation. Julie and I rode together since our kids are in the same class and we both had errands to run on base afterward. On the way home I heard the sirens coming from behind, looked in the mirror and sure enough, ambulance. I pulled over, they passed, and this was our view. Julie snapped the photo with her camera, but this is a perfect example as to why I always have a camera on me, always!

Today Julie, Myra and I went to Costco...oh yeah, and we took our kids too! Julie snapped a picture of us walking in. The kids loved the motorized walkway. We were surprised when we saw it the first time back in May, and it's still just as much fun. The shopping cart doesn't move on it...our guess was magnets. The kids got a kick out of it though! We have free samples here just like in the United States, only here we have raw tuna, octopus and wine! I didn't get a picture of the wine though, but promise to next time I see it. While walking around something caught my eye. As soon as I saw it I reached into my pocket for my cell phone. I had to call Susan. Had to call her and tell her what I found. But that wasn't exactly possible with a Japanese cell phone. I have been on the hunt for this ever since we arrived in March, and Susan was kind enough to get me the UPC so I could request it at the commissary. And what was it that had me so excited? Just as excited as when I saw the Carvel cake in the frozen section of the commissary? It was Langer's Mango Nector. We absolutely adore this stuff, and finding it today (and buying three bottles) made my week!


Aloha! said...

YEAH for the mango nector!!!! How awesome that you found it at your Japan Costco!!!

Jackie said...

You gotta keep posting pictures of Engrish! Totally hilarious!

newsjunkie said...

Who knew a simple shopping trip could be so fun and exciting? :)

newsjunkie said...

And I bet that chocolate is pretty good, I LOVE chocolate covered pretzels and there is salt on them. But I know, you don't like chocolate.

AllBlueZoo said...

only 3 bottles?! I was betting on an even dozen, LOL!