Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby on Board, Please Pass It

Shopping is a lot of fun, especially when things like this can be found! And who wouldn't a Hello Kitty popcorn machine? This one wasn't for sale, but I bet one is for sale somewhere in Japan. I think my favorite was the Naive Lady toilet paper...and no, I didn't buy any. The fine print reads, "Try our 'Naive Lady', toilet tissue soft and of good quality. Choosing recycled paper is the first step to keep the earth full of greens for your own children."


Lovely Yellow Ribbons said...

Naive Lady toilet paper! Hahaha! Craziness.

Mamalicious said...

Visiting from the BHB! I love the Naive Lady toilet tissue.


heathersak said...

I've always loved Japan (but never been... yet!), and your blog is just making it worse ;)

Love this! And congrats to your hubby being home for now! Enjoy ;D