Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama, Japan's Reaction to the Presidential Election

Wednesday was election day for us here in Japan; it was Tuesday in the U.S. All morning I was watching AFN News which was a mix of MSNBC, CNN and FoxNews. I couldn't believe how cooperative Sydney was; Keanna was at school. We played inside and out, but I kept the TV on so I could hear what was going on...and which state had gone red or blue.

The election wasn't "called" until 11 pm EST Tuesday night, but it was 1 pm Wednesday for us. I knew the election would be talked about here since it has been covered on the local news lately. Now please understand, I don't understand a word of it except for "Konbanwa" which means "Good Evening." My favorite part of the news cast is when the anchors bow to the audience between beginning. I didn't get that in this video, but promise to in the future!

Anyway, getting back to it, I know this is silly, but I put my camera on the video setting and recorded a little more than 4 minutes of the local news. We have at least five or six Japanese stations, so I flipped through some of them so you could see what was being covered. You'll have to excuse the crotch adjustment part of the way through and I think another guy was doing the traffic report. But either way, I find the support of Obama here fascinating and wanted to show you too. From the Obama shirts and banners to the older man wearing the band around his head. They were literally partying in the streets in Obama, Japan. Keanna and Sydney make a cameo appearance at the end of the video.


Anonymous said...

pretty neat to see the election from another country. my favorite part was the end with the girls, you should really do more video of them for us here in the states. miss and love you guys... xo

Andrew-Josiah said...

I couldnt get the video to work. Hope you are well!

Lovely Yellow Ribbons said...

Very interesting, thanks for sharing that! It's truly amazing how the world has reacted to this election.