Monday, November 24, 2008

Choco Pie for Ladies, Chorus Water and Soup from a Vending Machine

We took Bob to our new favorite restaurant, Kura, last night for dinner. The girls and I had shrimp okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) and Bob had scallop. We went our friends, and apparently the husbands were having trouble! One of the cooks came and helped us out. Ahem, [clearing my throat] I'd like to point out Julie and I managed it just fine on Thursday night!

The restaurant is within walking distance to where we live, but we took the train last night because of the narrow sidewalks and walking in the dark. At the train station there was a promotion by AU, one of the cell phone companies here. The kids all wanted to try, and the girl working was more than happy to oblige. Keanna won a noodle cup which looks like an oversized coffee mug made of plastic, and Sydney got some stickers and tissues. You'll see these little packets of tissues being passed out all the time as advertisements. There's no print on the tissue itself, but on a card in the packaging and they're perfect for fitting in your purse or even in your pocket. Bob is probably going to take the noodle cup to work to use in the microwave...yet another thing won by Keanna that he gets his hands on! First the iPod Nano from the Halloween costume contest in Tokyo and now this! To see video of the girls playing scroll down a little bit.

After dinner we stopped at a little convenience store for a snack. The girls ended up getting their new favorite yogurt introduced to them by Julie and her son. And I couldn't help but take some pictures of funny products I haven't seen before. Chorus water, some kind of dessert decorated like a bear and something else, Biz, have some for your lucky time, and Choco Pie for ladies only, (and yes, they had a spot for men's but the shelf was empty).

And lastly, waiting for our train, Julie spotted two vending machines with soup in them! I have seen and heard of all different kinds of things being sold in vending machines and even posted about it, but seeing it just made me laugh!


Dollars to Yen said...

You forgot to mention that we found out a new way of making some dishes.

kerri said...

I will have one ChocoPie for Ladies please.

Is it "for ladies" because it's filled with iron supplements or something, or is it just because of the pink wrapper?

Katie said...

Good question, Kerri! I'd be happy to answer it for you only I can't read the label. :)

Hopefully the next time I'm there they'll have the ChocoPie for men in stock and I can get a picture of that too.

newsjunkie said...

We has a hot food (in the can) vending machine in our commons my Freshman and Sophomore year at Penn State. I thought it was funny then too! :)

April said...

LOL at the 'Engrish'! Your blog is awesome!
I come here every day to see if there are any new posts, LOL. Thanks for providing such fun entertainment for me and my DH!

April, aka 5 boys for me (from the bargain hunters board)