Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Mom, is it time for us to go to a new house?"

Keanna and I had a little talk today. I don't think I give her enough credit; she's come to associate Bob starting a new job with us moving a new house.

Q: Mom, when are we moving to a new house?
A: When dad's job is ready to move us then we'll move to a new house.

Q: Dad goes to a new submarine and we move to a new house?
A: When it's time for dad to go to a new submarine we'll move to a new house. But his next job won't be on a submarine because his next job is called 'shore duty.' He won't be away from us like he has been for the last couple of years.

Q: Or does dad go on a ship and we move to a new house?
A: Dad works on submarines, but the job he has now is a special job for a submarine person on a big ship.

Q: Can we go back to our old house with the swings and the moving doors in your car?
A: No honey, someone else lives there now, and someone else drives my old car with the moving doors. But when we move to a new house it will be new to us but for someone else it will be their old house.

Q: Mom, if we can't go to our old house can we go to the place we used to live with the big orange fish and the train?
A: Do you mean the Dole Plantation? Well I tell you what, if dad's job makes us move back to Hawaii, then sure, we'll go back to the place with the fish and train.

Q: Mom, can we be friends with Jack, Clara, Sam, Noah and Caroline and Hayden and baby Jorgen (only she said "Door-gan") again?
A: Keanna, Hayden's dad has a job like your dad, and Hayden and Jorgen moved to a new house just like we did. But if we go back to where we used to live, then sure, you can be friends again! Jack's dad and Caroline and Noah's dad have the same job as your dad too. They still live where we used to live, but when it's time for us to move they may not be there anymore. But that's okay, because you and Sydney make new friends.

At dinner the other night Keanna started drawing her family, and here's how it turned out.


Anonymous said...

WOW Katie! Imagine with her asking those kind of questions she must think about this all the time. And she truly misses her friends in HI. She's a little stinker, and Dad and I miss her and the rest of you lots. She seems to be very mature for her 4 yrs. just like you were. It touched me that at such a young age whats important to her. Well tell her we miss her and love her very much. And please give her and Sydney a very big squeeze of a hug and some kisses too!
Thanks love to all of you XXXXOOOO

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

My kids are the same way! Alice always talks about where we used to live, she still remembers the preschool she used to attend a few years back when we were in Washington!

Shari said...

Aaaahhhh ..... I read this to the family. Alyssa says she misses Keanna and Sydney alot! I do too (and I miss you!)
Even though she asks questions Katie, you are doing a great job and both girls seem very well adjusted to the lifesytle of their daddy being Navy.

terri said...

How CUTE!!
Great questions she's asking and AWESOME answers you are giving. You are doing great with the girls!! Keep up the good work!