Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yogurt Pepsi, Good Wine and a Delicious & Happy Hot Dog

Maruetsu is a grocery store near our house. The basement has groceries, clothing is on the first floor and the second floor has house-type stuff, curtains, rugs, etc. Anyway, on our way home from the New Sanno on Sunday we stopped there because a friend of ours said she had found White Pepsi there earlier in the week. You read that label correctly, it says "Pepsi & Yogurt Flavor." I wasn't sure what to expect, but it tasted like ginger ale with a little bit of a twist. It was good and the girls liked it too. It didn't taste anything like yogurt though, and that was a huge relief! I would almost describe it as fruity.

Here are some other pictures from our quick trip. Everything's self explanatory for the most part. Grocery stores here, and even Diaso, have you bag your own groceries. You put your basket on the counter, the cashier scans it, puts it in another basket, you pay, then take the basket to a separate counter and bag your own. I think the sushi in the blue box is was in the candy isle anyway. Think the wine is any good?


Monica said...

I absolutley love reading your blog and all of the different products they have in Japan.
The white Pepsi looks interesting!!