Friday, November 21, 2008

Shopping at Off House & Buying a Randoseru

Off House is a second hand store in Zushi. They're all over the place, but I went to this one last week and scored some good deals. I got Sydney a Japanese backpack and she adores it.

The "randoseru" backpack is a cultural icon in Japan, most schoolkids wear one and most adults consider it a symbol of "school days." It's too big for her, but she puts it on and walks around the house wearing it while pushing her stroller (Dawn, she still loves it!) They retail for anywhere between $200 and $400 USD, so when I saw this for ¥1700 (about $17) I bought it.
I got the girls a Hello Kitty toaster too. We don't have a toaster, so this will actually be used versus as counter clutter. It's brand new actually, never used, so I'm excited. After shopping at Off House I ran to 7-11 for some onigiri and iced tea. I found more than I bargained for including a piece of bread with something white on it and corn on top! Didn't try it, wasn't brave enough. Also found Honey Roast Chicken Pringles, Strawberry Tea from Lipton and Camembert and Pepper Ritz, and Cheddar and Gorgonzola Cheese Ritz.

I forget what the round things on a stick are called, but they were chewy and sweet. And the rice with the egg in the middle, that was very good. Rice with soy sauce maybe? Not sure.


Hello Snyders said...

The dumplings are odango I believe. I think they are mochi with a glaze.
I go out in town all the time, but you seem to find all the cool things! Even when I do something "cool", there you are.

Japan Shopping said...

This Off House in Japan caught my interest. You got a very big savings on that backpack. I think you would keep coming back for more Japan shopping there.