Friday, November 21, 2008

Okonomiyaki at Kura

We went out to dinner last night to a new restaurant near our house and will definitely be going back! Well it's not new, but new to us. On the walk over there we passed a dry cleaner and couldn't resist this picture.

The restaurant we went to was so neat! There was no English at all on the menu and no pictures. Julie said, "I'll do the best I can," because she can speak a little and read a little Japanese. I was completely clueless, but did see a picture on the wall of something and Julie said it's
Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) is a pan-fried batter cake and ours had egg, shrimp, green onions, ginger and something that looked like Rice Krispies. Okonomi means "what you like" or "what you want", and yaki means "grilled" or "cooked" (cf. yakitori and yakisoba); thus, the name of this dish means "cook what you like." As they're cooking you put bbq sauce on it and mayonnaise. I loved the bottle with the mayo in it!

The floor was all stones, tiny ones, with a cement walking path. Before we went up into the area to eat we had to remove our shoes. When I sat down I noticed a hole in the floor for my legs and was relieved since I've been to a restaurant where we sat on the floor and my feet and legs kept falling asleep!

We ate for ¥800 (about $8) each and ended up taking one okonomiyaki home. This restaurant also had the largest glass of water I've ever had at a restaurant here.


Julie said...

5 blogs in 12 hours... How do you do it?

ablykins said...

Greetings from Guam! I met your Guam buddy Terri this week and she told me about your blog, so I decided to check it out! I just moved to Guam after 3 years in Japan so am really enjoying looking at all your posts and remembering the great times we had in Yokohama and Tokyo! Looking forward to becoming a regular reader! Cheers!

Katie said...

I am Superwoman, what can I say?!

Ablynkins, did you run the Yahoo group? I was on that list!!!

Terri said...

Amy, I'm glad you found the blog. Didn't I tell you it was awesome?

And yes Katie,,,you are Supermom and Superwoman rolled into one!! Just keep that pace up until I get there and we can go, go, go! :) :)

courtney said...

That was my #1 favorite thing to go do and eat when we were in Japan. And of course it is also the #1 thing that you can not recreate!! Beef bowl, I can do. Pepper Lunch, almost have it. But not that meal.