Friday, June 19, 2009

Brain Food, Mr. Brain Food

Seriously, Mr. Brain food. It's a roll with caramel and whipped cream inside, and for ¥128 (about $1.50 with the yen rate) I had to buy and try it today. Oishi desu! It's delicious! It had the texture of a jelly donut from the outside and the bread was good and soft. The caramel wasn't liquidy (is that even a word?!) at all, but wasn't too hard either...kind of like the cream in a Bavarian Cream donut. I had one bite with the filling and gave the rest to the girls. They both approve and have already asked for more next time we're out!

The company's website is on the back of the package, and if you want to take a look at it click here. I found Mr. Brain's website and tried translating it into English, but nothing did. You can take your mouse and put it on on the blue rectangles on the bottom half of the page, and you'll see small pop-ups in English.

But get this, "Mr. Brain" is a TV show! It's a brand new Japanese drama. I found their website through the bread's website, and if you click here you'll be taken there. Here's a very short article about the bread being tied to the show and the health benefits of it. Very interesting and explains the tie-in to the show!

It's called 脳トレパン meaning train your brain bread. It's got DHA in that means I can eat this and it's good for me, right?!


Aloha! said...

I love Japan funny!!!!