Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pepsi Shiso - It's Green and it's Good!

Pepsi Japan has done it again! Last summer I found Blue Hawaii Pepsi, in the winter it was Pepsi White (yogurt flavor), and this morning Shiso Pepsi hit the shelves here in Japan. I'll include pictures of the other Pepsi flavors I've found. You'll notice in the picture the Green Tea Coca Cola is on the second shelf. I liked that a lot, but I think Pepsi Shiso is better...maybe because it's just so different.

Shiso is an herb, usually used with sushi or in bento boxes. Some people I've talked to said it's a bitter herb, and others said it's a little like basil. I wasn't sure what to expect, so when I took my first sip before driving off! The girls and I were done with exercise class, got it in the car and hoped our first stop would have it!

I describe the taste in the video below, but it was a little sweet, kind of like basil, cilantro and oregano in one. It also tasted like fireballs, the candy from years ago that I remember loving. The Pepsi Shiso didn't have a cinnamon taste, but when I had the second sip, the fireball candy came to mind.

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More about Pepsi White here, and Blue Hawaii Pepsi here.


Anonymous said...

You find the neatest things. I like watching the videos when you talk. You should have your own tv show on Travel Channel about food from Japan.


tokyo5 said...

Thanks for commenting on my site.

I replied here:

I watched your video. You pronounce "herb" the 'American way'. I haven't heard it pronounced like that in years! ;)
Japanese people pronounce it the same as in England...in which the 'h' isn't silent.
Just an interesting culture difference.

Terri said...

Katie, Katie, Katie...you sure do find the most interesting things!

Kat said...

Like a strawberry and basil mojito that were all the rage last summer! Mmmmmmm....

Jamie said...

We just picked up our bottle Friday in Tokyo (along with the kit kats) and opened it up this morning. It is different that's for sure! My son actually loved it, he has the strangest tastes though.