Friday, June 5, 2009

Squid Teether, Butter in a Tube & Aflac in Japan

Is your baby teething? Why not get a fish or squid teether for relief his/her relief? Julie brought me to Nishimatsuya last summer and every time I'm in the area I love going to this store. It's a discount children's clothing store; they also sell car seats, strollers, maternity clothes, etc, and isn't much larger than the CVS in my hometown of Kensington, Connecticut. Keanna and Sydney love coming here because they've got toys out for kids to play with. We went today, and while I looking for some baby gifts Julie spotted the fish, then I looked down and saw the squid.

Afterward we made a quick trip to Costco since it's very close by. I've been there so many times and every time we had fun and see new things. Today's new to me at least...butter in a tube. We were all looking for it, but when Julie told the girls to look for butter in a toothpaste tube their eyes lit up!

You know those funny (or depending on your sense of humor they can be dumb) commercials with the duck? Today I found this place and laughed almost as hard as I did Tuesday at the Wood & Pecker store. My father, Ron, loves the Aflac commercials and when I spotted this store I immediately thought of him. If you look on the right of the picture you'll even see a TV with the Japanese Aflac commercial showing on the TV.

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Dollars to Yen said...

Ha! Leave it to you to find a Japanese Aflac commercial. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

LOL I love Aflac commercials. Never even dreamed what they would be like in another country. Thanks for sharing so much with all of us.

Karyn..Stepmom to sailor on George Washington