Monday, June 22, 2009

More Fun with Japanese Egg Molds

And what shape is it this time? Today I found a Hello Kitty egg mold (thanks Jessie!) and literally squeeled with excitement! I posted about using Japanese egg molds last month; if you want to see it, along with pictures, click here.

Hard boil the egg the way you normally would. I put it on the stove and when the water starts to boil I pull them off the heat and let them sit for 11 minutes. After that I put it in a bowl of cold water to help the peeling process.

The egg has to go into the egg mold while warm, and then into cold water once in the mold. So I peeled the egg, put it in warm water, into the mold, into a bowl of ice water, and about 20 minutes later I pulled it out and hoped for the best. She came out all right; next time I'll use a smaller egg. But so many details...she's even got whiskers!


Aloha! said...

So neat!!! I need to use the ones you sent me, they are too cute!

Jessie said...

Kissy LOVES her "Hello Kitty eggs". If you have the time (or the patience) you can also just use a toothpick and some food coloring and color her eyes, nose and bow too. She comes out SUPER cute.

Courtney Woodworth said...

Where do you get your egg molds? I'm hosting a baby shower in mid-July and we are serving deviled eggs and got a crazy hair to make them with molded eggs. Thanks in advance for the help.

Courtney Woodworth